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New Aero*boga™

Get Inspired, Empowered and Fit – it’s not exercise
It’s fitness for the body the mind and the soul!

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imageWelcome to my website and the world of Natural Health. Meet Doctor Lynn – a Naturopathic Doctor, Yoga therapist, author, baby boomer, and mother of two and grandmother of two with over twenty-five years experience. She will teach how to find balance and health in body, mind and spirit. Natural Health or Naturopathy is the path of obtaining balance through diet, exercise, relaxation, positive attitudes and appreciation for life. Naturopathy teaches us that we are three parts; body, mind and spirit, and it is the balancing of all three that brings about perfect health. more >>>

Dance moves, yoga and spiritual fitness!

Got only 30 minutes and need to maximize your workout? Can’t fit in both yoga and dance? No time to get to the gym? Traveling? Want to burn 400 calories while getting toned, balanced, flexible and strong? Try Aero*boga- the yoga dance workout that is total fitness for the body, the mind and the soul!

Instant easy download for most all devices or purchase a hard copy.

Check out the companion book and get spiritually fit!

Buy the Aero*Boga combo package (Video + Book) as Digital downloads.

Buy Aero*boga combo DVD and book hard copy $24.95 plus s&h and sales tax.


Aero*boga DVD

It’s fitness for the body, the mind and the soul. A one hour easy to follow yoga dance program that will work to tone, balance and strengthen every part of your body while burning approximately 400 calories. Dance to the cosmic dance of the universe and learn to master your life!

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Aero*boga - the Way of the Heart

The companion book to Aero*boga. Get fit in body, mind and soul and learn the secret formula for mastering your life. Ten easy lessons that will change your life, open your heart, and bring success to all that you desire

Learn more and buy the book >>>
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