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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Karma is an often misunderstood concept. We think of it as good and bad when it fact Karma simply means action. Anything that we think, say or do becomes the energy that creates Karma. At present we are the accumulation of all our past thoughts, words and deeds and where we will be in future begins at this very moment with our now thoughts, words and deeds. We cannot escape karma for it is action and life is action based.  What we can do is learn to consciously examine our thoughts, words and deeds and make conscious choices that will lead to a more harmonious and peaceful life.  In this way we can direct our individual karma.  However we do not live in isolation. We are affected not only by our own choices, but by the collective karma of the universe.  All of the universe is energy in motion and it is this dance of energy or action that creates life which affects us all. To coin a famous phrase,” the flapping of the butterfly’s wings in Hong Kong, affects the hurricanes forming in the South Atlantic.”  Remember your personal life experience is inextricably entwined with the whole. We are in a greater sense truly one with the universe. With all your thoughts, words and deeds choose wisely.


Doctor Lynn

Posted on 11/06 at 07:13 AM

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Warrior Pose

One of the poses we work on in Aero*boga and in my yoga classes is the warrior pose. The warrior pose works to balance the third chakra located in the gut area corresponding to the ego.  Warrior is an important pose because it teaches us to stop and focus on finding awareness. This awareness leads to discipline.  We become aware of the greatest enemy of all and that enemy is the negativity within our own heads.  With discipline and awareness we begin to learn how to control ourselves. We learn to refrain from outwardly and inwardly expressing negative energy. The difference between the warrior and the victim is that the warrior refrains and the victim represses.  The warrior has learned how to refrain from expressing emotions until they can be expressed in the right degree and at the right time.  The warrior stands tall and breathes through life’s obstacles turning them into strength.

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 10/02 at 07:47 AM

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sun Salutations

Now we know that by the time we’re 50 the heart beats about 2 billion times.  Yoga can repair some of the wear and tear by lowering the heart rate, relaxing our blood vessels and reducing stress.  One study found that 36 percent more heart attacks happen on Monday morning as opposed to Sunday when we are more relaxed. It’s important to start your morning off with a few yoga exercises to balance the body-mind and reduce stress. The Sun Salutations are a great comprehensive yoga exercise because they bring strength and vibrancy to every part of the body including all the organs. The arms and the legs become flexible and symmetrical and thus we establish balance.  On a mystical level the Sun Salutations awakens the kriya kundalini – our dormant potential life force that rest at the base of the spine.  When we lift our life force up above the day to day stresses of life we open the doorway to experiencing love, creativity and spiritual enlightenment.

Do 4-5 Sun Salutations daily.


Doctor Lynn

Posted on 09/04 at 07:40 AM

Friday, August 03, 2012

The Niyamas – the practice of observing

The first two Niyamas – Purity and Contentment were covered in the June and July Newsletter. This month we will look at the third Niyama or Austerity.  Austerity is defined as the power to withstand hunger, thirst, heat and cold, as well as other discomforts. It is through mental, verbal and physical austerity that we release the life force to attain that which is unattainable.

In the intellectual realm there is what is called contra-currents running through our brain. One is the realm of thought and one is the realm of emotion. To best understand this – our thoughts may tell us we can do something but, our emotions may tell us we are afraid to do it.  Mental or intellectual austerity means to balance these two opposing currents so the mind becomes quiet (austere). This removes the ego, attachment and conceit.  When these are removed the mind is not distracted, and when the mind is not distracted we can enter into a deeper realm of balance and begin to tap into our eternal spiritual energy. It is through mental austerity that the mind is withdrawn from outward movement and brought back to inner awareness.

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 08/03 at 06:03 AM

Monday, June 04, 2012

The Niyamas

This month we are beginning to study the Niyamas or the Laws of Observance. The first is Purity.  It has two levels, external and internal.  Like the Yamas the Niyamas have three parts, intellectual, verbal and physical.  The body is purified with water.  The mind is purified by truthfulness and the soul is purified by knowledge and austerity.  Intellectual purity consists of lifting your thoughts and emotions to a higher consciousness.  Verbal purity is achieved by continually clearing the throat chakra by speaking that which is consoling, harmonizing, gentle, uplifting and straightforward.  Physical purity is observed externally and internally.  External purity is achieved by cleansing the body and internal cleaning is achieved by proper eating, exercising, sleeping and meditating.  Purity in modern day terms means to simplify.  Keep the body healthy and clean.  Be truthful and the mind will be quiet and clear.  Seek knowledge and thus obtain wisdom and the soul will need nothing more.  Purity does not mean we go without and live a life of poverty.  It is good to prosper as this allows one to give more to others, society and the world.  The yoga approach is always to observe purity of body, mind and soul as it pertains to the Niyama – be the observant one.  Give it some thought.

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 06/04 at 11:47 AM

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Much of the physical emphasis in yoga is devoted to relaxation. It means to release tension from the body-mind. Only when the mental self is no longer emotionally charged and the physical self is no longer over-stimulated may we obtain a place of bliss. It is a moment of detachment from the stress of life. Yoga provides a better understanding of life by providing us with a better understanding of our bodies and of our selves. Understanding life is very different than reacting to life. Understanding means making wise decisions. Wise decisions are not random or habitual. Wise decisions are conscious decisions based upon honesty and clear intent. Making wise decisions an individual begins to live in a place of total harmony. Relax, breathe deep and choose wisely.

Posted on 05/01 at 06:19 AM

Monday, April 02, 2012


The month of April brings us to a study of the fourth abstention or the practice of celibacy. Celibacy means control over the sensual self in all respects. According to yoga our life is divided into four parts. The first quarter is referred to as studentship and requires celibacy because it is the time we study and learn. The second quarter is the time of the householder or a time when one marries and begins a family. The celibacy practiced here is that of provider and teacher. One should be devoted to one’s family. The third quarter is mid life where there is a return to a stricter focus on control of the senses, and then finally a person enters the fourth quarter where celibacy is reestablished. It is a misnomer that celibacy means to abstain from sexuality.(although one may abstain through spiritual practice) Celibacy according to yoga means that the concept of sexuality should be linked to a healthy attitude physically, mentally and spiritually, in all circumstance and at all times.

Posted on 04/02 at 04:45 PM

Friday, March 02, 2012

The Third Yama

This Month we will study the third yama – non-stealing. Most people think of stealing as taking something that is not theirs. In yoga it means not committing theft physically and/or not permitting any one else to do so – in thoughts, words or action.  Remember thoughts are powerful, words can hurt or heal and actions create Karma. Think before you speak and/or act or react upon something. Remember there are many truths. Reflect upon the circumstances, do no harm and do what is the greatest good for the greatest many. What is the greatest good? Reflect upon it and then choose wisely.

Posted on 03/02 at 06:16 AM

Thursday, February 02, 2012


This month we are studying truth. It is the second yama or abstention. Truth means to conduct our thoughts, words and action in harmony with each other. Words that harm are not truthful. They should not be spoken. Examine your words before you speak and only utter them if they are useful and good. In other words if you don’t have something good to say be quiet. Remember that truth is not fixed. Truth can take on different meanings within different cultures.

When it comes to the truth remember these two things;

Speak only with no intention to harm; look at truth as it exist within you and how your truth relates to the whole of life.
The practice of truthfulness produces a steady mind, truthful words and harmonious actions. Be true to yourself and live a harmonious life.

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 02/02 at 05:39 AM

Monday, January 02, 2012

A Beginners Mind

Remember the first time you did something? The challenge, the fun and the lift of energy that comes from something new and exciting. Beginner’s mind in yoga means to come back to the present moment. It’s the jolt that lifts us from our wanderings and brings us into newness. It is in that split second we realize that everything is new and fresh and we can begin again with a beginner’s point of view which becomes shaped in the moment. We often times lose precious moments and opportunities to refresh and gain another point of view because we are lodged in the past or fearful of the future. Try to arrive at the moments in your life with a sense of adventure; open to the infinite possibilities that exist in the precious moments of now.

Doctor Lynn

Wishing you a happy, healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Posted on 01/02 at 05:56 AM

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


According to yoga( and my own belief) is that happiness or the lack of, is at the root of most people’s problems. Fulfillment and purpose fill the soul with such joy that happiness is a natural by-product. According to yoga tradition we come to this earth with four distinct desires. These desires lead us to a realization of the purpose set forth by our soul. The first is to become what you were meant to become; to fulfill your purpose. The second is to acquire the means so that you are able to live out your purpose. This means to have the security, money and health necessary to carry out the task of realizing your purpose. The third is to receive pleasure from all your earthy activities. Be mindful here; the pleasure must be to serve your higher purpose. The fourth is to reach a state where we transcend the everyday burdens of the world while fully participating in it. According to yoga if you use these desires mindfully you will live a balanced and happy life.

This all sounds very good intellectually but how do you apply it to your life and realize your highest potential? The soul knows but we must get out of our own way to hear that voice within that will always direct us to our highest potential. Fear is what holds us back. We are all caught up in three basic fears; the fear of not being loved, the fear of rejection and the fear of dying. All other forms of fear spring forth from these basic three. Until we can rise above the three fears we stay caught up in the perpetual cycle of our karma. Realize this; you have nothing to fear. You are, at the spiritual level, energy that is loved, accepted and eternal by the nature of your birth. Quiet the body-mind through some mindful meditation. Listen deep inside and walk towards that which makes you happy and gives you fulfillment. Never mind what anyone says or how foolish it may seem. If you keep your focus while supporting your health, establishing security and prioritizing your spending you will find all that you need to realize a dream. Thirty-three years ago I started a book and a dream. Through careful planning and continual focus I am now realizing this dream. Keep your eye on the prize!

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 11/01 at 03:37 PM

Monday, October 03, 2011


Each time I teach yoga I close with the traditional saying of Namaste. This Sanskrit word can be interrupted to state different ways of relating the same meaning. It was taught to me as a way of saying, at the end of my class,” I celebrate the place within where we have met.” Meaning that hopefully we connected on a deeper spiritual level somewhere throughout the class and this was a place of celebration. Literally Namaste means to honor you or not mine, but thine-yours, the Divine. Whatever our interpretation the celebration is the same. When we take a quiet moment to appreciate the nature of balance, flexibility, strength and peace there is a celebration from within that rises above every day concerns and recognizes that at the fundamental level we are all one simply seeking the connection with that divine energy known as bliss. It is subtle. Never demanding or imposing but always present waiting for the moment when we open and let peace and serenity arrive. You don’t need to repeat Namaste to experience these moments of bliss. Simply recognize that we are all humans, subjected to the same laws of nature and at the fundamental level we all seek a reconnection where balance, flexibility, strength and peace become a moment of bliss.

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 10/03 at 05:07 AM

Friday, September 02, 2011

Yoga Moment

When we are going through a difficult time life can seem like a struggle. It can seem like no matter how hard we try we can’t change things. Often it is criticism and judgment that comes in, playing a major role in the daily debate within our head. We can feel impatient and dissatisfied with life. This is exactly the moment we need to practice yoga. One of the many lessons of yoga is learning to step back from the judgmental critical self and simply observe life.

When we observe life from an uncritical and non-judgmental place we have the opportunity to get clarity. Removing emotions and opinions creates a quiet and objective state of being. From this state of being we can let go of frustration and begin to see things in a different light. Remember it is how you see things that creates the struggle.

Here is a way to practice yoga by stilling that inner critical judgmental voice. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take in a few deep breathes. Now let your mind settle in on one person or one thing that has made you critical and judgmental. As you breathe deep acknowledge the situation or person “as is” and then try to look at the situation from a positive point of view. Develop objectivity by realizing that we are all one with the same emotions, fears and imperfections. Each person and each situation in your life is there to teach you a valuable lesson. When you focus on the lesson and not on the critical, judgmental nature of things you will begin to feel a sense of relief and this will bring you closer to understanding why we practice yoga.

Doctor Lynn  

Posted on 09/02 at 05:06 AM

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Ego

The ego is a storage bank that interprets particular experiences according to how “I” perceive “me”. However this perception of reality is unreal from the standpoint that perceptions are transitory and ever changing. When you shut down the senses all that is left is memory and memory also changes with time. The ego is not a negative thing nor is it meant to be destroyed. The ego is the vehicle by which we evolve. The problem is in believing that the ego’s point of view is the final reality. When this happens we stop processing and cease to evolve. The yoga term of this is ignorance. The only way to transcend this ignorance is to connect with the true self which is the essence of your being and therefore the essence of all beings. “I” can perceive “me” in a variety of ways but that is only my interpretation and not necessarily the way others perceive “me”.  Realizing that your own perception of reality is not the only reality; the path of yoga teaches you to strive ever deeper into an understanding of life so that you might find your true self; the observer who reserves judgment.

Posted on 08/03 at 04:24 PM

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Karma - You can’t avoid it

Try as you may, you can never avoid karma. That’s because karma means action and reaction, and every bit of existence involves action and reaction. Life is a series of causes and effects right down to the very first breath you take and the very last breath you take. In between our karma is about the work we are here to do in this life time.

When we speak of good karma and bad karma we are engaging the ego. The ego likes to judge, protect and fill itself with self importance. The real nature of karma is working to transcend the ego and connect with the true self. We cannot escape from the effects of our actions. Even when completely passive, we still must breath and breathing is a form of karma, which according to Hindu text is an action that has an effect. We breathe and we live.

Our only escape from the continual circle of karma is to cease judging by changing the way we relate to our actions. It is in and through the mind (our inner attitudes) that we have the ability to shift from ego identity to self identity.  Our actions cease to be binding and our minds cease to be judgmental when we act unselfishly by surrendering the self in all our deeds. The best example would be love. When we love unselfishly and unconditionally without wanting something in return we transcend the need to judge.

By habitually referring everything to it, the ego piles up karmic baggage. Freedom from this excess baggage only comes when we deflate the ego of its importance and let life flow freely without stress, anxiety, anguish and fear. Our actions then will become more spontaneous and truly creative.

Be conscious of your need to judge. Be aware of your actions and how those actions affect your life. Release yourself from the controlling and ever so important ego. To remove the so called “bad” karma from your life; get busy and do something unselfishly to serve to others.  Give of yourself; if only with a smile, a hug and a few words of encouragement.

Doctor Lynn

Posted on 07/05 at 05:29 PM

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