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Continuing Education

To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach. The one who continues to educate and learn will always be the best teacher. Become the master!

Doctor Lynn

The following home study continuing education courses are approved as CECs by Yoga Alliance and affiliated organizations. Upon completion with a passing grade a certificate will be given. All courses may be petitioned for credit with organizations such as ACE and AFFA. Other organizations may apply and petition; IAYT, Massage Therapist, Family Therapist, Yoga. For questions please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Simply purchase the course and it will be emailed to you for completion. Read it, take the exam and upon passing you will receive a certificate. May be purchased on print and download.

Continuing Education Courses

The Karma of Ethics

Karma is the consequences of our actions, and ethics is our choice of behavior. Professionalism calls upon us to examine both our choices and the effect that these individual choices have on those we influence and our own level of professionalism. As professionals who serve others it is essential that we uphold a standard of professionalism that positively influences those who seek our help and advice. But like all things in life, professionalism is not always black and white. With every action there is a reaction, and it is our conscious choice of action that determines the level of professionalism. This course looks at how our thoughts, words and actions impact those around us and ourselves.

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Communication - Our Biggest Single Problem

Communication plays a central role in all of our daily lives including our work and personal relationships. How we communicate and to what degree our communication is accurate will depend greatly upon the awareness of what it takes to form a message, send the message and hope the receiver got the message as intended. Within the context of communication there are many variables that affect the formulation and the outcome of any given transport of information. That’s what makes communication our single biggest problem.

As professionals, we spend the better part of our jobs communicating with others. In fact we could say that every part of our daily interactions involves some form of communication. This course takes a look at the structure, method and myriad of variables that affect the way we relay information. If communication can fail, it will. It is our single biggest problem. Therefore it is up to us to understand as fully as possible how we can improve communication so that problems are easier to solve and decisions are easier to make.  Doing our best to accurately relay information might just make life a more harmonious place.

Buy - $60.00 – 4 CECs


Burnout – It Happens to All of Us

Pressure is mounting; time is compressing and speeding faster than a nanosecond. Competition is fierce, deadlines are mounting, communication is faltering and the stress factor is breathing down your neck. Everything around you starts to suffer. Collapse is imminent. You are headed for burnout.

Burnout is not something that we normally study when it comes to our professions. However, burnout is not only very real and prevalent, it might just be our next big health crisis. It affects every aspect of our health, our work and our life; body, mind and soul.

Buy - $45.00 – 3 CECs

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