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Natural Health TipsDoctor Lynn Anderson

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Health Tip

Did you know that riding in a commercial plane creates the same amount of insults (stress) to your body as smoking a pack of cigarettes? Any time we are in closed quarters, and especially at high attitudes we compromise the immune system. Top that off with germs, coughs and sniffles floating around the airplane cabin and you’re flirting with disaster. Boost your immune system by packing a healthy meal of fruits and a healthy sandwich. Airplane food is high in sodium and not always fresh. Drink plenty of water and try taking Pep Berry Rob before, during and after your trip. My all natural immune booster can be taken directly from the bottle or added to your water. It comes in a 1 fluid ounce bottle so there is no problem taking it directly onto the plane. Traveling is one of the most stressful things we do with our leisure time. Jet lag further compromises your immune system. So take it easy, practice a little yoga on your flight and pop a dropper full of Pep Berry Rob.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Pep Berry Rob Nectar

Just because the flu season is over doesn’t mean you’re immune system isn’t still subjected to compromise. Every day we are insulted by thousands of compromising substances such as pollution, heat, toxic chemicals, stress, poor diet and lack of rest, just to mention the everyday occurrences. If we travel or go through some personal, health or professional trauma the immune system is under greater attack. The key is to keep the body strong through good diet, exercise and supplements. Pep Berry Rob is an immune boosting supplement. Take it straight from the bottle or drop two full droppers into a bottle of water and sip throughout the day. It adds a sweet soft berry taste to your water while it boosts the immune system.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010


We all know the importance of getting enough calcium in our diets; however it is always good to be reminded of what calcium does, why we need it and how to get it. Calcium is vital to strong bones and teeth and is important in regulating heart beat and the transmission of nerve impulses. A calcium deficiency may result in the following; muscle cramps, nervousness, heart palpitations, brittle nails, eczema, hypertension, aching joints, increased cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay, insomnia, rickets and numbness of the arms and legs.

It is best to take small amounts of calcium throughout the day and before bedtime. Calcium helps to promote sleep. Female athletes and women going through menopause need greater amounts of calcium due to estrogen loss.

Good sources of calcium are; salmon, dairy, sardines, seafood, green leafy vegetables. Also good are almonds, asparagus, molasses, broccoli, buttermilk, cabbage, greens, figs, kale, kelp, oats, tofu, whey and yogurt. 

Monday, March 01, 2010


Music is one of the most subtle of art forms but probably has the greatest influence on our being. The entire universe is constantly vibrating to certain frequencies and we are undoubtedly influenced by them. Music or the vibration of sound has a profound influence on our physical, mental and spiritual being.  Just listening to different music can lift our spirits, quiet our minds and sooth our souls. Music therapy has been used to heal the body and to calm the thrashing emotional mind. Just take a little time each day and listen to different music and observe what happen to your body-mind. Dance music makes you want to get up and move. As you move to the beat your mood will improve and your body will produce biochemicals that will help you to heal. Listening to quiet soothing music will bring about a sense of calmness and tranquility. It will instill emotional balance and energy.
Down load the playlist below (ITunes) and spend a little time each day listening to the music. Get up and dance and then sit quietly and relax. Observe what happens to the body, mind and soul.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Why do men buy chocolates for women? Because we love chocolate? Well yes and no. Chocolate (dark rich pure chocolate) contains a substance known as phenylethylamine or PEA for short. PEA produces that amphetamine rush known as sexual chemistry. It’s subtle but it works to enhance the chemistry of the brain to produce that warm and exciting feeling of falling in love. Dark chocolate also is a good source of calcium and rich in antioxidants. But remember it is the dark pure chocolate that gives us the emotional and health benefits and that a little goes a long way. So in moderation indulge yourself in a little chocolate everyday to stay healthy, happy and sexy!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Health Tips for the New Year

The Holidays are over and it’s a new year. Last month I listed five things you could do to boost and improve your immune system. Here are five more that will both help you keep illness at bay as well as take care of yourself in a nurturing and loving way. Remember that if you have your health you have it all. People who choose and do at least three things from the list of ten (last month’s list and this month’s list) will substantially improve immune functioning and keep their health and happiness up through the darkest months of the year. So here are the next five health tips:

1. We’ve all heard that coffee provides antioxidants and although this is true coffee also strips the body of essential minerals. If you drink coffee try to cut back by drinking more antioxidant rich green tea. Drink more water and take a mineral supplement to offset the effects of coffee.

2. Remove the refined white sugar from your diet. Take a look in your cupboard at all the foods containing white sugar. If you can simply remove this one thing from your diet you will see a noticeable improvement in your energy, weight, immune functioning and ability to think clearly about cravings. This however does not mean replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners which are more toxic than cane sugar. Studies have shown that using artificial sweetened actually increase appetite as well as adding artificial substances to the diet. Use fruit juices, honey, steiva and agave. My Damiana’s Nectar of herbs, chocolate ad honey is a great supplement to help you break sugar cravings and lift your mood which improves energy. See my products.

3. Stock up on raw fruits and vegetables. Not only are they a great source of antioxidants but they are filling and deliver essential vitamins and minerals. Dark colored vegetables and fruits such as berries, kale and broccoli tend to be higher in flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants. Seaweed is a perfect source of minerals. You can find it at most Sushi restaurants and in health food stores.

4. Spend time outdoors getting fresh air. Exercising outside, breathing in clear fresh air will pump the blood in your veins. A brisk walk in cool air can do wonders for the body, mind and soul.

5. Nurture yourself. Make the time to take care of yourself. Spend time with friends. Indulge yourself in a massage, a hot bath, take in a movie, leisurely shop or take a yoga class. Create space within your living environment for peace and serenity. Listen to soothing music, meditate or simply relax. Get a novel and read for the fun of it. Every few weeks give yourself a mental health day. Take the time off to nurture your emotional needs.
When you are happy, relaxed and energetic you are far less likely to get sick. A positive attitude, a healthy diet, daily exercise, laughter and a warm smile go along ways to keeping you healthy and happy.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Flu Season

The dreaded flu season is upon us. Perhaps you can’t escape the flu entirely but if you work to keep your immune system strong you can recover faster. From now until the end of the year let’s focus on what we can do to improve immune functioning. Here is the tip of the month; follow and stick to at least two items from the following list and you will increase substantially your ability to stay healthy and happy throughout the flu season. Next month we’ll add five more healthy items to pick from:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar- for it is true that “an apple a day will keep the doctor away.” Apple cider vinegar will help the body to maintain the proper pH balance which means the body should be slightly more alkaline than acidic. Viruses and unhealthy bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Besides its many other virtues, Apple Cider Vinegar fights germs and bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar can be found in any health food store. It’s inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways. Use it as vinegar on salad or drop a tablespoon into a glass of water and drink it up.

2. Get a good night’s sleep. Whatever you’re personal needs make sleep and rest a priority. Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep is linked to hormone balance, weight control, managing stress, clear thinking, improved mood and general overall health.

3. Give your body an herbal boost. Hundreds of natural herbal products are available to give the immune system a boost. Try eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser to cleanse and freshen a room. It’s also a sanitizing oil and great to breathe when someone is sick with the flu. Do not use directly on the skin. If you’d like more information about using this oil email me with your questions. Also, herbal tinctures are excellent for boosting the immune system. Try Pep Berry Rob Nectar; a mixture of Echinacea, astragalus, rose hips and elderberry which are all immune system boosting herbs. It’s in a base of natural raspberry and honey. See the products section for more details.

4. Eat your protein. Protein is the building block for a healthy body-mind. Diets low in protein tend to be high in carbohydrates which convert to glucose and cause blood sugar to rise. This rise in blood sugar stressed the pancreas and the immune system. Make sure the proteins are low in fat. The best choices are fish, chicken, tofu, some red meat, nuts and legumes. Cheese is good but can be very fatty and rich. Eat twice the amount of protein as carbohydrates.

5. Water; water is essential to keeping the system hydrated and flushing out toxic waste. If you have a hard time drinking a lot of water during the day, drink a cup or two of herbal or green tea. Add apple cider vinegar or put a dropper full of Pep Berry Rob into your bottle of water. Each fruits that have a high water content such as melons and citrus.

Ok now pick at least two of the five and commit for the next month. In January’s newsletter we’ll add five more tips for staying healthy through the flu season.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

What’s your best defense against the flu?

What’s your best defense against the flu? It’s a healthy and strong immune system. Besides the usual tips of washing your hands, fresh air and staying away from sick people, keeping your immune system strong is one of the best defenses you have against the flu and for that matter most diseases. Much in the news these days is the supplement of resveratrol which is the substance found in grapes and most notably noted in red wine. Studies show that a 4 ounce glass of red wine delivers 1.5 milligrams of the plant compound resveratrol. At concentrations found in a person’s blood after two glasses of red wine resveratrol has been found to suppress the formation of blood clots and boost the immune system.

There are many supplements promoting resveratrol however from a naturopathic point of view the best way to get nature’s bounty is directly from nature and not condensed down into a pill. Why? Because nature is synergistic meaning all the various natural compounds of any plant work together to deliver the nutritional benefits. Does this mean you need to drink wine? No you can also get the resveratrol from grapes and other dark red fruits such as elderberry which is found in this month’s feature product: Pep Berry Rob immune booster.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Did you know that a good belly rolling laugh can burn up to 10 calories?  Laughter not only lifts your moods and exercises the frown lines but burns calories.  Studies show that those who laugh, live longer, enjoy life more, and stay healthier.  Give your self one hour each day to laugh and have fun.  Why laugh? Because laughter reduces stress, lowers your blood pressure, boosts immunity, eases physical pain and promotes happiness. Laughter is good for the body, the mind, and the soul.

“The Earth laughs in flowers” -  Ralph Waldo Emerson