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Things Doctor Lynn Loves!

If I promote a product it’s because I love it and I love it because it is good for the health of your body, mind and soul. Below are products I use and endorse. If you have a product you would like me to promote please send me an email with details and if it fits the criteria – backed with integrity; supporting health and making the world a better place I’d be happy to have you join my affiliate program.

Wisdom is in knowing the right path to take. Integrity is walking it.  Doctor Lynn

Let’s begin with my morning routine – a cup of Yogi Tea! My favorite morning Yogi Tea is Green Tea Chai, however for some reason Yogi Tea stopped making it. My second favorite is Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy – energizes and supports focus. But how does it do that? Well to begin with it is slightly caffeinated with Green and Black tea. It is enhanced with cinnamon which is a warming and energizing spice. Other herbs, leafs and roots such as, licorice, Gotu kola and Ashwagandha help us to clear the mind and focus. With forces being a dying art a warm cup of Vanilla Spice to start my day is something I love.  I am also a big fan of ginger tea. Ginger is good for digestive issues, its warming and supports immune system functioning. Ginger is an antiviral herb so it’s very good for an upset stomach.

Vitamins - I get asked about supplements a lot. My suggestion is to eat healthy, take a multi vitamin a day and you most likely have everything covered. Supplements can be misleading. In fact a study showed that many supplements do not have the ingredients they are purporting.  Also you often find artificial ingredients or fillers which do nothing to support your health. My stomach gets upset if I take a tablet vitamin so I take chewable. Now it’s a bit tricky to find a chewable that is not made of artificial ingredients. Although a bit more expensive a good quality supplement is meant to support health where artificial ingredients really do nothing. I take Natures’ Way Alive Gummy Vitamins which can be purchased on Amazon. 

Dark Chocolate - well what can I say - who doesn’t love dark chocolate? Chocolate after all is a good source of antioxidants. My favorite - Traders Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate.  The cocoa plant contains Phenethylamine an organic compound, natural monoamine alkaloid, and trace amine, which acts as a central nervous system stimulant in humans. This means on top of antioxidants dark chocolate gives us a pleasant mental lift.

Trader Joe’s Organic Fruit Favored Snacks - an all-natural gummy snack that is great for kids, mothers and grandmothers! It’s gluten free and made with real fruit extract. Each packet has six different animal shapes so kids love them. Feed the ones you love a packet of health and save one for yourself!

BoBo Bars - although a little expensive these gluten free all natural cereal bars are both delicious and oh so good for you. When I babysat my little granddaughter I would feed her lunch. With not much time to eat I would have a BoBo Bar and a piece of fruit. She would watch me eat the bar and then one day when she was big enough to try a bite I gave her a bite and she was hooked. In fact her first word was BoBo. Now every time I visit her she runs to me and ask for a BoBo Bar. And yes I always bring her a BoBo Bar! Delicious and healthy! 

Tummy Drops - natural ginger flavored drops for an upset stomach. Since ginger is an antiviral root it is an excellent choice for an upset stomach. Anyone with IBS or any other digestive disorder will find these soothing. Great for travel and on the go!

Timeless Skin Care - great product for your skin. Use at night after you face your face. Apply C+E Ferulic Acid Serum first and then apply B5 Hydration Serum. Both can be found on Amazon. And I little less expensive trick is to apply Jojoba oil which is not really an oil but a serum form the Jojoba tree that most matches your natural skin oil. I love this stuff!