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Damiana’s Nectar – Get in the mood


Price: $12.95

Not a medicine or a cure- all, but simply a potion of mood boosting herbs in a base of honey with a natural chocolate flavor. Within the structure of these herbs, lies an essence, that once released, has a natural power. It is simply the vitamins, minerals and nutrients locked within the living herbal plants. The honey is added because it is a complete food and a natural conduit for delivering herbs to the body-mind. This special potion should be used as a supplement to other mood- boosting things such as a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and a bit of play and fun.

Use Damiana’s Nectar with the Un-Diet – How to stop dieting and start living healthy.

Since the earliest of times, human kind has been searching for the elixir of love and passion.


Doctor Lynn’s Damiana’s Nectar is amazing! I love how one drop under the tongue fills my mouth with a tinkly warmth which quickly moves through my whole body giving me a burst of energy. It’s also great for when my sweet tooth starts calling, one drop and my craving is satisfied without ruining my diet. It’s a wonderful product and I would recommend it to everyone!
- Anne-Marie Symons

Every year after the Holiday Season I usually have one really bad cold. This year I tried your Pep Berry Rob Nectar. First of all,I was pleasantly surprised with the yummy taste! I am pleased to report that I have not caught a cold, despite being around my daughter who had a really bad cold.In addition, I would take it before I exercise and it gave me a boost of energy. Another benefit I experienced was my appetite/cravings were curbed.
I do take other supplements, so I wanted to be sure that the extra boost were a result from adding the Nectar. So I stopped taking it. I have not caught a cold yet, but my energy level decreased and my appetite/cravings increased:( So I am ordering another bottle today! Thanks Dr. Lynn for introducing me to this effective herbal supplement.