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Doctor Lynn’s Anti-Aging Workout for Every Body - Flexibility, Balance, Strength


by Lynn A. Anderson, Ph.D., N.D.

Wish there was an antidote to aging?  Well here it is! - my total body anti-aging workout.  With age comes the loss of lean muscle tissue, aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance, strength and even cognitive functions such as memory.  Exercise can prevent and in some cases, reverse the signs of aging.  I am just like you, a Baby Boomer, wife, mother and even a grandmother!  My total body anti-aging workout focuses on improving posture, flexibility, balance and strength with simple exercises using nothing more than a stability ball and your own body weight.  I have seventy year old women in my classes doing exercises they never thought possible! In just a short time, they have improved their flexibility, balance and strength, and that equates to improved quality of life.  So if you are ready to get fit and stay young forever let’s get started!

3 part program – 20 minutes each of flexibility, balance and strength, plus a backstretch bonus at the end.

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