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Karma: Because life becomes what life does - e-book


by Lynn A. Anderson, Ph.D., N.D.

Would you like to break the ever-repeating negative patterns of your life?  In Dr. Anderson’s current book, the branch of yoga that teaches how is revealed.  You will find the path of self-transcending action.  Karma is not about judgment or retribution, but about cause and effect.  Discover your own Karma - the purpose of your earthly life.  It is the lesson you have come to this world to learn.

This thought provoking book reveals the simple formula of change.  You will learn how to change your “bad” Karma to “good” Karma and manifest your deepest desires.  This straightforward formula leads to a life of fulfillment, purpose, love and happiness.  This book is complete with a section to look up your birth date and discover you own personal Karma, as well as a guide on meditation that is the way to change your Karma.