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Pep Berry Rob Nectar - Immune Booster


Price: $15.95

Pep Berry Rob Nectar -Immune system need a boost? Pep Berry Rob Nectar is a combination of powerful antioxidant herbs to boost and strengthen your immune systems in a base of honey and natural raspberry and strawberry flavoring; perfect boost for your immune system when feeling a little off, while traveling, or when exposed to the flue. Be healthy! See testimonials below.


Dr. Lynn’s Pep Berry Rob Nectar has been so helpful for me since I developed a chronic cough…as soon as I started taking it, I definitely felt a physical difference set in very quickly. It soothed my throat and calmed down my coughing in the night. I like knowing that it’s entirely natural and it tastes good as well.

Dr.Lynn, also my yoga teacher asked me how I was one class and I said was feeling a little run down (this was before the Holidays). She gave me one of her super Immune Booster bottles and told me to put 3 drops in water 3x a day, and I did and am sold. I did not get sick, have turned friends on to it, have made them feel better, and I am sold on this natural product. I am an actor and work long hours, in unusual conditions. This tincture is the best I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot of natural and over the counter products, this is far superior to anything out there. Tastes pleasant too! I’m sold! Also,looking forward to try the other tinctures as well.  Thanks Lynn, for your great invention and your great energy and a strong and great yoga teacher,rock on! Warmly”

“I traveled from LA to NY in November and, with so many people having the flu, was really worried about getting sick.  I’m not big on taking things other than tons of Vitamin C but I tossed Doctor Lynn’s Pep Berry Rob Immune boosting nectar into my bag (TSA size approved for the plane!). After a couple of days in the city that never sleeps, I started to get that achy, stuffy head feeling that makes you say “uh, oh, I think I’m getting sick.”  So, I took the nectar before going to sleep, and I woke up feeling better, not worse, as we all know can happen at that point.  So I took it again in the morning and for the next couple of days.  It has an eye dropper that I just squeezed into my mouth, had a great taste and off I went. I never got sick and for all the running around I was doing with so little sleep, I’m sure I would have if not for Doctor Lynn’s nectar.  It really made the difference and now I’ll squeeze a shot of it if I start to feel the least bit run down and I’ve yet to get sick.”
Randi S