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Twelve Secrets to Anti-Aging - e-book


by Lynn A. Anderson, Ph.D., N.D.

Introduction:   Youth is best described as the time between adolescence and maturity.  From a youthful perspective, maturity is the time when we envision ourselves fully grown.  In our twenties and thirties it’s probably somewhere around the age of thirty-five.  Fifties and sixties to us was old age.  It was just a number that in the exuberance of our youth seemed like a distant star in the cosmos that somehow would take us a long time to reach.  And of course when we did reach it, we won’t be old like all the other fifty and sixty-year olds.  We saw ourselves as eternally young and beautiful. That is until one day around forty-five, we look in the mirror and there is the first signs of aging!  Oh, what a depressing day that is! We all remember the first realization that we were moving past our youth and into midlife.

I clearly remember my mid-life crisis day.  There I was at forty-five about to end a relationship that was way past the ending point.  I was heading out into the single world as a middle-age women.  The first signs of wrinkling, bagging under the eyes and drooping skin were evident.  It was like I turned a page and in one day I went from sexy and youthful to old and droopy!  Oh, how I cried and cried. And to top it off I had not accomplished one of my many childhood dreams.  I was now at midlife without the benefit of at least accomplishing something of substance.  I was getting old.  I was alone and I felt like a failure.  But, not one to take a back seat to life, I began to assess my present existence and in no time developed a plan.

My whole life I had been, in a part-time way, involved in a hobby in the health and fitness field.  I had taught various forms of exercise over the last fifteen years and pretty much practiced a lifestyle of healthy living.  I had a Master’s Degree in Health, but had never applied it to a career.  I decide to finish my education and get a Ph.D. in Natural Health and become a Naturopathic Doctor.  I combined my education with my background in fitness and developed a series of yoga/health related classes that I taught at various health clubs in Los Angeles.  I developed a small private practice in nutrition and lifestyle coaching, while teaching about twelve to fifteen yoga classes per week.

Through this process I met a group of Doctors who were interested in Natural Health and anti-aging.  My affiliation with them gave me tremendous insight into the nature of the aging process and ways that we could slow it down.  I realized that exercise, which was one of the components of anti-aging, was not that well understood by doctors.  They were more interested in natural medicines, vitamins and minerals.  Which was fine by me, as it gave me ample room to develop an exercise program for anti-aging.

As well as exercise, I have also discovered eleven other secrets to staying young and vibrant.  In this book, I’m going to share with you all the secrets I have discovered for staying young.  Read carefully, because somewhere in the book, hopefully you will discover the underlying cause of aging and the secret antidote that will remove its negative control over you.

Let’s face it.  We’re all getting older, but we don’t need to look, feel and act it!  Aging is inevitable.  Change is the only absolute of life.  We cannot stop the aging (changing ) process, but with a few wisely chosen actions we can slow down the process and insure that aging becomes a time of beauty, meaning and joy.  If we define aging as the passage of years, as opposed to it’s everyday definition of decline, we begin to see the passage of time as a bank or reserve of knowledge and experience.  We then see our lives as gaining (wisdom), not losing (youthfulness). Hopefully, with the gaining of experience comes wisdom and wisdom brings with it a certain understanding that clarity and predictability are not always possible.  With age, comes the joy of allowing life to unfold just as it is meant to be.  This wisdom also teaches us that we have the power to direct our lives in any direction we choose. The quality of our lives is not some superimposed power but the internal drive and desire to live and experience the wonders of life.  This knowledge has led me to the discovery of the twelve most important secrets to staying young and healthy and I want to share them with you. Over the last twenty years, as a fitness instructor and a naturopathic doctor specializing in anti-aging, I’ve discovered that there are certain body-mind techniques that will enhance your energy and make you look and feel years younger.  I’ve worked with hundreds of students and clients over the years to develop a program that will bring flexibility, balance, energy, strength and relaxation into your life. Like my hundreds of students, you too can slow the signs of aging by following my twelve easy steps.

I’m just like you; a wife, a mother, a grandmother and an aging baby boomer.  What keeps me and my hundreds of students feeling and looking young can be found in my simple program.  There are no products, equipment to buy or gimmicks.  It ‘s a simple and easy way to improve your health and vitality using this quick and easy program.

We are all getting older, but we don’t need to look, act and feel it.  By taking the time to discover my twelve simple secrets to anti-aging and applying them to your life, you too can look and feel years younger.  The secret is simple:  practice flexibility, balance, endurance, strength and relaxation every day, in everyway and you will see and feel tremendous physical and mental results in less than 30 days.

1. Did you know that the #1 reason for falls and hip fractures as we age is a loss of flexibility and balance?

2. Did you know that leaking bladders and sexual dysfunction begins in midlife and if left untreated can worsen over the years?

3. Did you know osteoporosis can be prevented and improved through diet and exercise, especially if we pay attention to the prevention of it in midlife?

4. Did you know that it is possible to look better than you did in your youth?

5. Did you know that you can have more energy and get more done at age fifty than age thirty-five?

My secret program will help you to improve and prevent age related issues such as poor digestion, constipation, poor posture, hot flashes, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, sagging muscles, depression, lack of energy and old-age attitude.

As we grow older we all want to maintain independence. My program will help you to maintain flexibility, balance, endurance, strength and relaxation, the essential components of an independent, youthful and radiant life.  This is the secret to looking and feeling your best every day.  After all midlife is called “The Golden Years” or as I like to call, it’s the last hurrah!  So you owe it to yourself to live it with the zest and vigor of your youth.  If you want to stay young, vibrant, sexy, energized and healthy, then read on!

In yoga philosophy, a secret is not really a secret but simply a concept that has not revealed itself to you at this time.  When the time is ready and you are open the secret will reveal itself.  The time is now for the secret to anti-aging to reveal itself to you.  May you find health, happiness, and peace, and forever stay young in body, mind and soul.

The secrets in this book are found in the following:

1. You are what you think, do and say .

2. Seek balance in all things and in all things find balance (moderation).

3. Honor and elevate that which bring value and meaning to your life.

4. Think, say and do: flexibility, balance, endurance, strength and relaxation.

5. Never lose your sense of humor.

6. All success in life begins with a simple idea.

7. Love; true love is the greatest gift of life.

8. Realize it is your vision that brings beauty to life.

9. That which you love is a reflection of your inner self.

10. Don’t worry about the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.

11. Having fun is all that counts.

12. When you depart this world, all you take with you is the wisdom you have gained and the love you have given and received.

Read each of the following twelve steps of anti-aging and discover how each of the above secrets will lead you to the wisdom and joy of aging gracefully with health and vitality.  It is here that you will discover the fountain of youth and the elixir of eternal beauty.

Doctor Lynn

Listen to the basic formula wherever you are during your day.  It only takes 25 minutes a day to effectively change your life.