Dr. Lynn Anderson, Naturopathic Doctor

Natural Health: Bringing Vim, Vigor, and Vitality to the body, the mind, and the soul!

Feeling empty, stuck, unfulfilled, overwhelmed and lost? Do the same negative things keep repeating in your life? Questioning what it is all about and how to reach your highest potential? Want more clarity, peace and balance in your life?

Doctor Lynn combines karmic work with naturopathy and yoga therapy to teach you how to work your karma, so your karma works for you. In this you find clarity, balance, peace and prosperity. Learn how to work your karma so your life works for you.

Welcome. Doctor Lynn has been in the health and fitness field for over thirty years. She holds a Ph. D. in Natural Health, is a certified yoga therapist and a master aroma-therapist and herbalist. She is a faculty member to the American Council on Exercise, Yoga Alliance and IAYT, as well as an adjunct professor at LMU. More

A good teacher shows you where to look, but not what to see. Life becomes what life does.

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    Online Zoom Classes

    Doctor Lynn’s Anti-Aging Yoga/Dance for Every Body – Functional Fitness

    Healthy tips to improve your overall health; body, mind and soul. Because without function what good is form?

    An easy but effective online class that incorporates strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation to keep you functionally fit and healthy. Combining yoga, dance and an exercise ball this class addresses the issues that concern us most; weight management, aging, mobility, happiness and peace of mind.

    Join Doctor Lynn on Zoom every Wednesday 10AM PST – 1 PM EST– yoga, dance and yoga ball.

    Cost: $5 per class
    Questions: info@doctorlynn.com

    Doctor Lynn’s Karma Yoga – Because life becomes what life does – choose wisely

    Unique online yoga classes that combines yoga with yoga therapy and the science of natural living (naturopathy).

    Because yoga is more than simply the poses (asana); it’s a way of life. Learn how to work your karma so that the secret ancient pathway of prosperity will be revealed to you. Follow the pathway and you will succeed. Saturday morning Karma Yoga ~ because life becomes what life does.

    Join Doctor Lynn on Zoom every Saturday 10AM PST – 1 PM EST for a one-hour journey that will transform your life body, mind and soul.

    Cost: $5 per class
    Questions: info@doctorlynn.com

    Burnout – it happens to all of us

    Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or isolated?

    Does it feel like your work and personal life is suffering and about to collapse?
    Do you work with, know someone, or are you emotionally disappearing?
    You’re heading for Burnout – it happens to all of us. Live zoom online 90-minute class: what is burnout, natural health tips for healing and preventing, and Yoga poses for support, coping, and health.

    Sunday February 7, 2021 @ 10AM PST, 1PM EST Register today – limited spaces. Early registration: $24 https://www.doctorlynn.com
    Questions: info@doctorlynn.com

    Yoga alliance and IAYT instructors will receive a certificate for 2 hours of CECs other professions may petition

    The Path to Prosperity: How to Create Wealth with a Purpose

    Want to live a prosperous life? Want to be successful? Want to find purpose and meaning?  Discover the secret four directions and fourteen treasure that will bring you wealth, happiness, success and limitless potential.

    Everyone wants to prosper few know how. Learn the secret of a prosperous life in twelve easy lessons with Doctor Lynn a Naturopath, with a Ph. D. in Natural Health author, international speaker, producer, therapist, world traveler and self-made millionaire. From a single mother on welfare to a self-made millionaire, Doctor Lynn shares with you her over 30 years’ experience walking the path to prosperity.

    For more information about this upcoming class, email: info@doctorlynn.com


    Does Sex matter? You bet it does – from relationships to success in the world sex is the one underlying driving force. 

    Learn how to harness this energy into a powerful force that will improve your sexual health and performance, as well as your success in a world where Sex Matters. For more information, email: info@doctorlynn.com